Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel

A movarian scientist man named Gregor Mendel was born in 1822 in Hyncice, Czechoslovakia on july 22. Gregor Mendels family is not rich, besides his father was only a peasant and his grandfather was a gardener. Mendel was admitted in an institute of philosophy in olmutz. But Mendel dont have enough money to stay there so he left his studies and instead he went back to the monastery in Brunn where a local priest taught him. Mendel thought that the monestery might be a good place for him to continue his studies and not worrying about the finances of his studies. He got incharge of the monastery and named himself Gregor. In 1847 he became a priest. Later on, after four years he went to vienna to study physics, chemistry, and botany. After completing his studies, he went back to the monastery to teach natural sciences at the technical school at brno.


July 22,1822- Gregor Mendel was born.1840- He graduated from a secondary school in Troppau1849- Mendel was sent to fill a temporary teaching position in Znaim.1851- He was sent to the University of Vienna to continue his studies in sciences.1854- He began to research about plant hybrids.1868- Mendel was elected abbot of the school where had been teaching for 14 yrs.January 6, 1884- He died at the age of 62.

Mendel was elected abbot (1868)Mendel's works and experiments were finally published that was ignored for a long time.Mendel was credited for his works with priority.He became a teacher.He is considered as the "father of modern genetics"

Lasting Impact

I think Mendel's lasting impact is the fact that he clearly explained everything about genetics and how every living thing differ from each other. Mendel's works had been ignored for so long because most scientist are so busy on darwin's theory of original species. And i think that mendel himself is not sure about his experiments and he is lack of aggressiveness on publishing his work because as i was saying he himself is not sure about his findings. Nearly about 1900, his works was finally published and alot of scientist is using his observations in their own experiment. If it wasnt for mendel's findings, we probably wouldnt know how we get our traits from our parents. So for me the name the "Father of modern genetics" is very suitable for Gregor Johann Mendel.

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Gregor Mendel

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