Gregor Mendel Did What?

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Gregor Mendel Did What?

Gregor Mendel was born on July 22,1822 in Hyncice, Austria. His mom and dad were peasent farmers. Gregor had one other sibling. In order for Gregor to get an education he had to go to Augustanian monastery in Brunn, Austria. As he was at school Gregor became an ordained priest. Four years later he was moved to the University of Vienna to study zoology, batony, chemistry,and physics. In result to that Gregor started to teach natral sciences at Brno Technical School. In his free time is when he would contuct his experiments on heredity. He mostly did experiments on plants, the most tested plant by Gregor was the pea plant. After doing all of the long studies Gregor died January 6, 1884 in Brünn, Austria-Hungary.

This is a pea plant. Gregor did most of his heredity experiments on pea plants.


Gregor Mendel Did What?

By:Delaney Sullivan

This is an example of how genes from the parents go to their offsprings.

This is a diagram of a pea plant. Gregor dicovered that short plants only offspringed short plants and tall plants offspringed both tall and short plants.

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"My scientfic studies have afforded me great gratificvation; and I am convinced that it will not be long before the whole world achknowledges the results of my work."-Gregor Mendel



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