Gregor Johann Mendel

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Gregor Johann Mendel

Mendel was born and raised in Austria, now known as the Czech Republic. He was raised on a farm which later on benefited him on his famous pea plant experiment. In his early years he became an Augustinian monk so that his education could be paid for so that he could continue his experiments with plans and their genetics. In 1843 he graduated from the University of Olmütz. After he had finished his schooling he began to work in the Brno community but fell ill. As he recoverd from his illness he returned to Brno to teach at a secondary school.


1822 - Birth1884 - Death1836-Became a monk1853 - Became a teacher1854 - Started hybridization of plants

Mendel, through out his works with plants and insects, dicovered that between two parental genetics there are many genetic traits being parted to produce various combinations. A set of new genes are then created in the next generations as seen in the diagrams.

Lasting Impact

Mendel was known as the father of modern genetics. The law of inheritance was then created.

Gregor Johann Mendel



Mendel's Bio


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