Gregor Johann Mendel

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Gregor Johann Mendel

Gregor Johann Mendel

He was born to a peasant father, and he worked in horticulture as a child. The experience gave him an intrest in the role of hybrids in evolution

Mendel's theories

3- Law of dominance


He made the Punnet Square while determining the genetics of a bean plant. A Punnet Square is a diagram that is used to predict an outcome of inheritence.

2- Principle of Independent Assortment

1-Principle of Segregation

Principle 1Chromosome pairs are separated into individual gametes.

Principle 2The gene that overpowers the recessive gene. The one that shows

Principle 3Alleles on different chromosomes are distributed randomly to individual gametes.

BackgroundMendel was born in Heizendorf (now Hyncice) in the Czeck Rebublic in 1822.He studied at Olmutz University before entering the Augustinian monastery at Brun (nor Brno in the Czech Republic). He soon began plant-breeding experiments. He studied seven characters in pea plants and found out important results. He concluded that each character that he studied came from two factors of inheritence (one from each parent).

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Born- July 22,1822Died- January 6, 1884

Punnet Squares How-ToTake two different kinds of qenetics. (mother's and father's)Put them on different sides of the squareCross the genetics to see the percentage of probability

He set the baseline for heredity and genetics


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