Greetings from Australia

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Greetings from Australia

Australia is one of the world's seven continents, but it is also a country. It is located below the equator, South of Asia surrounded by the Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean.

Greetings from Australia!

Australian Flag

Australian Money!

Aussie Slang!Learn the meanings of some of the words and phrases you'll hear when you are over here visiting Aussie Australians Shrine Real Sheila GirlBarbie BarbequeChook Chicken Roo KangarooJoey Little Kangaroo Gday Mate Good DayLollie CandyTellie TVDing-Bat Fool

Important Vocabulary to Know Before Exploring:Aborigines- native people of AustraliaBush- Australia’s country sideSnorkeling- underwater swimming while breathing through a tubeTraditions-ways of life handed down from one generation to anotherEquator- an imaginary line that divides the Earth in half across the middleContinent- one of the major land areas of Earth

Australia has a range of different landscapes, including urban areas, mountain ranges, deserts and rain forests

Australia is also known as "The Land Down Under" or the "Outback"



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