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Environmental Studies

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Greenpeace(Geography Assignment, Yr 8)By Gregory Deng

What do they do?Greenpeace is an American-based International Organisation, born to promote world sustainability, Such as protecting sustainable fishing, farming and overall living.

CampaignsGreenpeace's Campaigns are all based around saving the wildlife and world sustainability. Like stopping nukes, Cutting rainforests, and stopping overfishing.

Their AimI quote, *Greenpeace exists because the world is a fragile place, and deserves a defender.*

History of GreenpeaceGreenpeace started in 1971, when a couple of people from Vancouver in Canada went sailing in an old fishing boat. They believed a few people could change the whole world.

No New Nukes!One of Greenpeace's most popular campaigns is called No New Nukes!, and was made from watching over the Chernobyl Disaster, and seeing how much damage nuclear disasters can deal.

Public QuoteGreenpeace says it lost 3.8 million euros, or about $5.2 million, on ill-timed bet in the currency market by a well-intentioned, if reckless, employee in its finance department.@TheNewYorkTimes

Greenpeace-Inspiring Action.

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Greenpeace Activists are outside protesting against the use of nuclear energy in a city in America, with tens to hundreds of activists standing for hours at a time.

Greenpeace activists stopping a giant oil shipment in Germany, with the campaign actually passing in the city.


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