Greenhouse Effect

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Greenhouse Effect

There are two common meanings of greenhouse effect. There is "natural" greenhouse effect that keeps the earth's climate warm. There is also "man-made" greenhouse effect. The gases for man-made greenhouse effect are Carbon dioxide, Methane Nitrous oxide and Fluorinated gases. It has taken million's of years for life to to become used to the conditions on Earth. As weather and temperature changes, the homes of plants and animals will be affected all over the world. For example, polar bears and seals, will have to find new land for hunting and living, if the ice in the Artic melts. Also many animals and plants may die because of these changes.

How it works

Pollution in China

Saving our Planet!

Greenhouse effect

By Valeria Emanuele

Pollution can gradually take over countries.

For more information and a vidio click here.

The Earth might get to hot


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