Green Turtles

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Green Turtles

Green Turtles

The males are smaller than the females 65 to 136 km when the green turtle is born they are 5 cm long.

They are 80 to 150 cm long the under shell is yellow and their skin is green.

Part of their population live in Brazil and migrate 2,250 km across the ocean to breed at the ascension island. They live rarely in the zoo and Sea World.

What is their size?

Where do they live?

What do they look like?



They can get up to 26 to 40 yearsold an adult green turtle will return to the same beach each season. The green turtles head cano't put their head into their shell the shell is there so it can prtect their backs. The green turtle layes 100 to 150 eggs before covering the hole with sand.

What is unique about them?

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