Green Pitcher Plant

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Green Pitcher Plant

Green Pitcher Plant

Scientific Name: Sarracenia oreophilaCommon Name: Green Pitcher PlantFamily: Sarraceniaceae

Native or Non-Native Species: NativeHabitat: seepage bogs where there are heavy, clay-rich, sandy soils, particularly successful in open, sunny locations where there is little competitionReason for Endangerment: Land development from both rural and urban in the depletion of bogs, over collected for commercial plant trade since it is a rare/exotic speciesArea Occupied: Georgia , South Carolina, Alabama(Northern), North Carolina found in nutrient-poor areas

Why you chose endangered organism: because of it’s interesting physical appearance and similarity to the venus fly trapWhat ecological role does it play in the environment: Lure and trap insects, carnivorous plant, has highly modified leaves that form of pitchers which insects fall intoWhy you want to save it from extinction: because it is a naturally rare and exotic species Current preservation efforts: a current Action Plan for their recovery, focusing on preservation, illegal collection, seeds are being stored in the USDA National Seed Technology Laboratory Idea of possible solutions: replant and preserve their location so the plant can flourish properly without disturbance



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