Green cities

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Green cities


Green cities are characterized by citizens with a code of behavior green environment. They are also governed by several laws that promote better living conditions.

Curitiba, Brazil

Stockholm, Sweden

It is a green city by excellence in Brazil, it has 1,000 parks, 14 forests and 16 parks and it also has a high commitment to recycling and re-use of resources.

Stockholm is known for its great environmental commitment, and 40% of the city is made up of green spaces.

Reykjavik, Iceland

It is a destination composed entirely by renewable green energy.In 2050 it's intended to be completely independent of any use of fossil fuel.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has been a leader in environmental protection in the US, and it has a 77% savings on materials and energy.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is one of those cities that are leading the way in green technology, from solar panels to new systems of collection, recycling and waste management and it's closer to becoming the greenest city par excellence.


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