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green buildings

Green Buildings By Maya

A green building is an environmentally responsible and resource efficent structure and process.

How are green buildings green?First of all, a green building siting is in an area where few life cycles are destroyed. Secondly, a sustainable buildingis energy efficent. There may be high elevated windows and insulation in the walls, ceilings, and floors to decrease the environmental inpact in the "building envelope". Insulation in homes can help a lot to conserve energy. Old homes are often drafty because they don''t have as much insulation as newer homes and lose more energy to the outdoors. Now homes are packed with materials such as fiber glass and styrofoam that have lots of pockets for trapping air and keeping houses nice and cozy .Water efficency is also a major part of the green building process. Water is reused everytime the toilet is flushed. Scientists belive that protection and conservation of water will decrease sewer traffic and use of toilet paper. Green buildings also use environmentally friendly material, including rapidly renewable, recycled/reused contents, sustainably grown, water conservirg,energy efficent, and locally produced products. Some rapidaly renewable items are bamboo, straw, recycled metal, recycled stone, and any non-toxic item.Since black absorbs heat many roofs are dark or black to make a building warmer. Scientists are designing something called "cool" roofs designed to reflect certain wave lengths of sunlight.

Think About The Earth

Green Buildings...a.k.a....Sustainable Building....a.k.a...Green Construction

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