Green Bottle Fly

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Green Bottle Fly

The scientific name for the Green Bottle Fly is Lucilia Sericata. The adult Green Bottle Flies are usually a metallic green and can also have a copper green color. The mouth parts are usually yellow and eyes are red. The back is hairy and the overall diameter is 8-10mm.

The amount of eggs that a female can develop greatly depends on the temperature. Eggs are usually laid on cavities and crevices of moist decaying organisms. Lucilia sericata like to lay their eggs in an area that is usually exposed to light.

Green Bottle Fly

Lucilia sericata is very important in the field of forensic science. The immature flies are used to estimate the minimum portion of the post-mortem interval, known as PMI, in a multitude of settings (Rueda et al. 2010). According to The Australian Museum (2009), L. sericata is one of the first insects to arrive at a corpse

Green Bottle Flies areknown to feed on dog feces, exposed food and decomposing plants or animals. Larvae feed on decaying animal flesh and need rotting meat to complete their development. These common flies are typically found buzzing around garbage cans and may carry pathogenic bacteria.


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