green and growing

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green and growing

Nursery Road Elementary School is part of the SC Green Steps Program for Environmental Education. Our students, faculty and staff are committed to taking annual steps toward becoming more environmentally friendly.

Each year since 2000, Nursery Road Elementary School students have participated in Beach Sweep River Sweep at Saluda Shoals Park on the third Saturday in September. Students pick up litter and record the type of litter on data sheets. Once they are back at school, we add up the totals of each type of litter collected and identify the worst litter problem at Saluda Shoals Park. Through their efforts and collaboration with Saluda Shoals Park, our students have won many Champions of the Environment Awards and continue taking an interest in reducing litter on their playground, at home, and within their community.

NRES has a successful recycling program because we have dependable students and teachers who participate. Our students are the core of our program. We have 2nd – 5th grade volunteer recycling representatives who are trained at the beginning of each year. They educate their peers and handle the school’s recycling needs. NRES recycles mostly white and colored paper, newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles and aluminum cans. On a weekly basis, the students collect and source separate materials from classrooms. Then they empty what they can into large bins that are centrally located in our school. The students assist with the rolling out and in of our large containers for pick-up.

We are "Green and Growing" at Nursery Road Elementary

In honor of America Recycles Day, NRES replaced some of our standard light bulbs in our classroom lamps with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). We encouraged all NRE families to sign a pledge stating they would change at least one light bulb in their homes to a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL). The classroom with the most pledges won one CFL for each student’s family.

Great projects come to creative life when the NRE Art Club combines with the NRE recycling students. For example, the art club used stained glass paint to embellish beautifully shaped donated bottles. After painting designs, students were given a plant to root inside of the decorated bottles. In addition, before the winter holidays, the art and recycling students came together for yet another creative venture. Recycled cans were spray-painted with red or white paint. Students turned the smashed shape of a recyclable can into expressive ornaments. What a nifty way to reuse aluminum or tin cans!


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