Greek Theatre

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Greek Theatre

Greek stages were built outdoors and on hillsides for seating. Seats were wooden and an orchestra was located in the center of the theater and level with the ground, it was also cirulcar.

Greek Theatre


At the beginning of the play, the scene opens with the Nurse telling the story of Medea and her husband Jason. Jason abandoned Medea and their two children so he could marry the king's daughter. In fear that Medea will want revenge, the King, Creon, tells Medea she has one day before she must leave Cornith. Enraged and in turmoil, Medea plots revenge against Jason and his new wife, ultimiately killing his wife and her own two children in the end.

Masks were widely used in Greek theatre. This enabled the actors to protray several different actors in one perfomrance

Costumes were loose fitting and didn't form to the body. The fabric was also a loose, light material.


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