[2015] William Allen: Greek Revival house

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[2015] William Allen: Greek Revival house

Greek Revival by Will Allen

In a Greek Revival house usually it will have rectangular symmetry. Along with tall columns, and typically is painted white along with the roof being low pitched. Inside it is very open and has an extravagant staircase.


Cons of having a Greek Revival

Their are a few cons for a greek revival house. One issue with a greek revival house is usually they need a lot of remodeling and that could cost a lot. The next thing would be that if you are old you might have trouble with the staircase. Greek Revival houses usually are not up to date with modern designs.

The pros of having a greek revival house

There are quite a few pros for having a greek revival house. One being that typically greek revival houses have a lot of windows to let in more natural light instead of using electricty. Second being that you would have landscape views with the greek revival. Third would be having a very grand type entrance.

Greek Revival was popular in the mid 1800's and early 1900's.


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