Greek Mythology

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by HannahAllender
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Greek Mythology

By: Hannah Allender

The Main Three

-To justify an existing social system and account for traditional rights and customs

Greek Mythology

Why did they have Gods?

-To help explain the unexplainableWho made the world?How will it end?Why do the seasons change?Why do we have day and night?What happens after death?

ZEUS- King of the gods- Defeated his father Cronus- Brother of Poseidon and Hades- Married his sister, Hera- Was the father to many gods, demigods, and creatures- god of weather, law, and fate- His weapon was a lightening bolt

Poseidon- God of the sea, earthquakes, and horses- Brother of Zeus and Hades- He spent most of his time in the sea- Very vengeful, greedy, and bad-tempered- Worshiped for navigation- His weapon was a trident - Was in love with Medusa before she became a monster

The Main Monsters

Hades- God of the Underworld (Drew the short lot)- In charge of the souls of the Underworld- His weapon was the pitchfork - He was in love with Persephone (He kidnapped her and brought her to the Underworld)- His "pet" was Cerberus the three headed dog- Was often seen with the three furies

Medusa- A Gorgon- The face of a hideous female with living venomous snakes in her hair- Looking into her eyes turned people to stone- Was punished by Athena because she "married" Poseidon- She and Poseidon had a Pegasus- She was beheaded by Perseus

Cerberus- Hades three headed dog- Guards the gates to the Underworld- Hercules kidnnapped him during one of his 12 heroic acts

Cyclops- Giant one-eyed monster- Sons of Titains - Uranus and Gaea- Single eye in the middle of their forehead- They had no fear of the gods- They were known to be man eaters- Were originally banished to the Underworld by the Titains, but later released by Zeus


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