Greek Mythology

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Greek Mythology

•Zeus •Poseidon •Hades•Hestia•Hera•Ares•Athena •Apollo•Aphrodite•Hermes•Artemis •Hephaestus


Perseus: son of Zeus, helped Polydectes in bringing the head of Medusa as a gift at Polydectes' wedding.(Click their name for their stories)Theseus: son of King Aegeus, was known for killing the Minotaur in Crete. (Click their name for their stories)Hercules: son of Zeus and the most famous of all the great heroes. Hercules performed the great 12 Labours.(Click their name for their stories)Atalanta: the daughter of Iasus, and grew up in the wild. Adopted by hunters, she quickly became a skilled hunter. (Click their name for their stories)

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Greek Mythology


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