Greek Mythology Text Structure

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Greek Mythology Text Structure

Greek Mythology Text Structure

Gods and Titans

Greek Heroes

Disrespecting a God

Perseus the Gorgon Slayer

Perseus was a famous Greek hero with an amazing story. To start, there was a king named Acrisius who was told by Oracle that his grandson would kill him. After that he put his daughter, Danae, in a tall secure tower, but the King god, Zeus got in and baby Perseus was born. Then when Acrisius found out he put Danae and Perseus in a chest and threw them into the ocean. Later they washed up on an island where a fisherman named Dictys took care of them. His brother who was the King of the island fell in love with Danae but Perseus didn’t like that. Next the King would persuade Perseus to bring back the head of deadly monster so he could try to spend time with Danae. Then the goddess Athena gave him a mirrored shield and advice where the god Hermes gave him winged sandals. First Perseus went to the Gray sisters who told him to go to some nymphs who gave him the helmet of invisibility. Lastly he flew to the gorgons lair, snuck past the immortal gorgon sisters and slew Medusa without looking at her directly, if he did he would’ve been turned into stone. To wrap things up Perseus had an amazing story that was so big I could only write half of it.

Quite a few things can happen to you if you disrespect a god or goddess. The following sentences below will explain the possible outcomes of disrespecting a god or goddess. If you make a god angry you might have to battle them. For example, Perseus made the god Dionysus angry so he had to battle him. Also if you don’t do something a god might want you to do you could be killed. One time that happened when Achilles didn’t pray to Apollo so Apollo guided an arrow to hit Achilles in his only weak spot. Lastly if you disobey a god or goddess you might die or even get a curse. For example, Athena probably didn’t want anybody in her temple if they were not going to pray but she caught Poseidon and Medusa in there so she turned Medusa into a monster. In conclusion, gods and goddesses can be harsh if you disrespect them.

The Greek heroes had many unique characteristics. To start not all heroes were demigods (children of the gods) but a lot were. One example of a hero who wasn't a halfblood was Jason, the leader of the argonauts. Heroes often became famous for doing impossible deeds. One of those heroes is Perseus who slew a monster that could turn somebody into stone with a glance. Lastly most heroes died unfair deaths. Take Bellerophon for example, he became famous and thought he could go to Olympus. This made Zeus angry so he killed Bellerophon. To wrap it up, heroes were very different from your normal people.

Gods and titans in Greek mythology were both similar and different from each other, One difference is that the titans created man. One thing special to the gods is that they overthrew the titans. One cool thing about the titans is that they actually gave birth to most older gods. Later some of the gods became part of the twelve Olympians (like the main leaders). Titans and gods also had many things in common. One thing is that they were both very powerful immortals. A few more similarities are that they both fought each other in a war, had unique and powerful weapons, and of course, they both are not real. In conclusion, gods and titans have many similarities and differences.

By: Wyatt Wineke

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