Greek Mythology Name Project Katie Horrocks

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Greek Mythology Name Project Katie Horrocks

AllegroGoddess of SoundDaughter of Apollo

Symbols:Music Note and Sound Waves

Today was the day, the day where Allegro chooses her future. She was having a very large debate on what she wanted to be as a goddess. Should she be the Goddess of Dance or of Sound? After many hours of thought she walked over to the decision arena where Zeus was waiting for her. "So, Forte what role have you choosen?" he boomed. Forte told Zeus that she wanted to be the goddess of sound. Her symbols would be the Music Note and Soundwaves. Her power would be to have the ability to create sound and to hear it from miles away.

Powers:Abillity to creat soundCould hear sound from miles awayBy Katie Horrocks


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