Greek math!

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Greek math!

Greek Math!

My glogster is about Greek math. The topic I chose for glogster was Greek numbers. Numbers are very important we use them in our every day lives.

Intro/Contribution! 1

Greek numbers were made by using strokes and symbols. One was represented by one single stroke, and sytmbols for 5,100,1000 ect. They soon replaced it with the alphabetical system to represent numbers. The greek system was also based on the number ten .

How was it made?! 2

What led to this was how they couldn't count livestock or items. So the greeks made numbers. Greek numbers have been made by using other information to make a counting system.

What led to It?! 3

One problem that arose was that 5 was represented by a p and some thought p ment 16. Another problem was that when you used a number such as 876 which would require many dashes and marks if you used the greek acrophonic number system.

OTHER FACTS! 6Pathagoras and many other mathematicans helped make the number system.

Problems! 4

It is used today every day. We count and add with these numbers. We use the numbers in many ways and use them alot.

CONCLUSION! 7Greek math is very important. Greek math is very useful and helps us understand how to add and subtract.

How is it used today?! 5

Lilly Roper

BIBLIOGRAPHY! 7Greek numbers and


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