Greek Immigrants

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Greek Immigrants

Greek people have made a difference to our society by...o Contributing to the snowy mountain scheme.o Introducing new foods.o Introducing new cultural experiences.

o Meals in the Greek culture are social events,everything to be eaten is placed down the table for people to serve themselves. o Greek people are passionate about their music and take it very seriously.There are distinct Greek songs for different occasions such as weddings, feasts, lullabies and funerals.o Greek Orthodox is the dominant religion. The Church is often the centre of cultural activities of the local Greek community. o Name Days are the feast day of a saint who an individual is named after. A person’s actual birthday could go without being noticed, but his/her Name Day is celebrated traditionally with a party, giving of small gifts and sometimes attendance at Mass.

o Greeks have been migrating to Victoria ever since the gold rush of the 1850's. Most intended to return home rich men, so few women came to join them. After the gold declined, those who stayed found work in restaurants, cafes and shops. o WWII was devastating for the generation of Greeks growing up in the 1940's. The country's economic disaster and severe political hostilities caused by the Civil War after WWII plunged Greece into poverty and caused fighting and unrest. Hundreds of thousands of people felt that the had to leave their homeland.

Greek Immigrants

Why Greek people immigrated to Australia

How the Greek people have made a difference to our society

Cultural differences


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