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Greek Gods small Intro

ZeusKing of all Gods. Ruler of Mount Olympus and god of the sky, His symbols are the lightining bolt and the eagle.

Greek Mythology: The Olympian Gods

PoseidonGod of the sea, and all bodies of water. Brother of Zeus, his symbols are the trident, the horse and the dolphin.

HeraWife of Zeus. Godess of marriage and childbirth. Her symbols are the peacock and the veil.

AresGod of war and violence. Son of Zeus and Hera, his symbols are the spear, armour and the snake.

ApolloGod of the arts and healing. Son of Zeus, his symbols are the lyre, the sun, and the laurel wreath.

HadesGod of the underworld and the dead. Brother of Zeus, his symbols are the scpeter and the key.

AphroditeGodess of love, beauty and desire. Wife of Hephaestus, her symbols are the apple and the scallop shell.

AthenaGodess of wisdom. Daughter of Zeus, her symbols are the olive tree and the owl.

ArtemisGodess of the hunt and animals.Twin sister of Apollo. Her symbols are the the moon, a bow and a stag.

HephaestusSmith God of crafts and fire. Son of Hera, his symbols are the hammer, an anvil and a forge.

HermesGod of travel, trade and writing. Son of Zeus, his symbols are the winged sandals and the caduceus.

Watch the video on the Greek Gods and fill in the God of celebration's personal note with his name and his symbols.


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