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Greek Gods-Atlas

Atlas is the god of the world. He is the son of lapetus and Clymene. Atlas is not one of the major Greek Gods. In Roman tradition he is known as keeper of the world. With the waorld as his symbol, he is powerful. Plus, he doesn't take on any forms.

Atlas, at birth he took care of earth

Museo Nacional del Prado

Sculpture of atlas holding the world

Statue head of Atlas

Atlas was a legendary Titan. He was in a lot of stories, starting with a story including a hero named Hercules. Atlas led a battle of Titans against Zeus which lasted for ten years. Eventually Atlas was singled out by Zeus and forced to hold up the heavens as a special punishment. The Earth goddess gave Juno, Jupiter's wife, a tree of golden apples as a wedding present. Atlas's daughters had the role of protecting it. Hercules was ordered to fetch the golden apples from Atlas' daughers, so he asked Atlas for help. Atlas had Hercules hold up the heavens while Atlas went to look for his daughters, who had the apples. Finally Atlas returned, but he didn''t want to take over holding up the sky again. He had enjoyed his brief break and told Hercules that he would deliver the apples himself to the king. Hercules tricked Atlas into taking the load back by asking Atlas to hold it while he shifted the load. Hercules then took the apples and Atlas again shouldered the weight of the heavens.

Atlas showing his power of strength

Sculpture of atlas

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