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Greek GOD Zeus


SYMBOL:Thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oakPARENTS: Kronos and RheiaSIBLINGS:HestiaHadesHeraPoseidonDemeterROMAN EQUIVALENT: Jupiter

He is the king of the gods, that prevailed from mount Olympus. He was the son of Kronos and Rheia, two of the twelve Titans, the mighty sons and daughters of Ouranos, the skygod. Kronos was the successor of Ouranos. The equivalent of Zeus in the Roman religion is Jupiter.

He has the power of thunder. Zeus' most essential function is that of skygod. The nature and all its phenomena were subject to him. He to allow Spidey to navigate the natural materials, the clouds gathered and drove them; rain and snow were caused by him. This is why golden many high mountains as his stay.

Mythof ZEUS

Genealogy of the Olympians

Zeus was the only son escaped Kronos' gluttony, which was generated by an oracle that predicted that one of his sons would divest him of the throne. To prevent this he verzwolg all his children. But the sad Rheia knew the birth of Zeus to keep secret and it was hiding him in a distant, dark cave in Crete where he was brought up by the nymphs. There he drank milk of the goat Amaltheia him and brought the honey bees. Adriasteia and Ida, daughters of Melisseus, looked after him. Also the priests of that region, the Koureten, helped to protect the young god. They patrolled the cave and if he cried they broke hard on their armour, so that Kronos would not hear.When Zeus as grown man confronted his father with his existence of him and demanded that he devours, but immortal children would return, affair with a heavy struggle for power. It was between Zeus and Kronos with most of the Titans on the other. Zeus finally freed the Cyclops and the honderdarmige giants (the Hekatoncheiren) from Kronos' prison in the Tartarus and insured on that way of their assistance. He to allow Spidey to navigate his main weapon, the Cyclops made by the lightning, the Olympus down and continued to do that as long as he had obtained the victory. So obtained Zeus world domination. The Kronos swallowed up by brothers and sisters of Zeus (Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Demeter) were freed from him. So, a new generation gods, that of the Olympian gods, to power

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