Greek Culture

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Social Studies

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Greek Culture

Greece comes from the latin word "Hellenic" this is what the Greeks describe themselves as in their country. Greece is made up mostly mountains and terrains the weather is pretty constant it very hot in the summer and rainy and cold in the winter. The climate is considered to be predominantly Mediterranean. The population has grown over the years , but the birth rate has went down in this country. The population has grown due to the influx of immigrants.My grandfather and great grandfather were both born in Athens, Greece. My grandmother returned to the United States shortly after my mother's birth.

Current Values

My family is very out goingWe speak different languagesour attitudes are honest and open towards others.Religion is a huge part of our livesWe do keep up with our heritiage through following some customs and we enjoy the food especially the gyros.

Greek Culture


Values & Norms

Behaviors Culture

Greek is the official language. Minority groups are bilingual.Coffee houses are common for men.Dining out is popular.Farming, Fishing, and crafts are ways of life.Tourism, Tobacco, and cotton are big profits for the country.Religion play a huge role in the everyday life of the Greeks.

Biblical Worldview

Interactions with Others

I think my culture and family background allows me to havean individual uniquenessas dicuss in chapter 1. This lets me have values and traits from both americans andgreek culture. The other thing I have learned is how I interact with poeple and even my reglious beliefs are learned over the years. They were taught to me by my great grandparents, grandparents and even my parents.I now teach my daughter the samethings. This learnedbehavior was talked about in chapter 2 of the reading. I feel theway I interact with other around mewhether it be at work or home. It isall a part of both cultures that I was rasied in.

The biblical worldview does play a role in culture. In the Greek culture They believe in life after death and recarnation. The have many mythological beliefs and have kept these for years. They also believe in evil female spirt and "Hades" and other orthodox beliefs. This is different from that of which most of the world believes which can cause conflict for some people without an open mind. My family personally has always practiced traditional beliefs as int he United States. Yet my great grandfather practiced roman orthodox. I think there is much to be learned from each side of this regilion, but one should not closed minded because something is different then what they know.

Customs & Traditions

This is my daughter and the other BlackBelts in Athens, Greece downtownbefore their karatecompetition.


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