Greek Art History

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Greek Art History


Genymede Jewelry. Made in 330-300 B.C. in the Hellenistic period.

Statue of Athena Parthenos in Nashville, Tennessee. Built in 1990 in a modern style.

A wall mural discoverd in the Tomb of the Diver. Painted in thearchaic period.

Facts1. There were 4 main historical art periods: The geometric period, the Archaic period, the the Classical period, and the Hellenistic period.2. The art was influenced by Eastern civilization, Roman art, and the new religion of Orthodox Christianity.3. Greek art is architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery, and jewellery.4. The greeks are best known architecturally, for their temples and open-air theatres.5. Sculptures were showcased in the details of the building.6. Sculptures were made of either marble or bronze.7. These ancient statues often depicted battles, mythology, or rulers.8. Painting was done on walls, buildings, sculpture, or pottery.9. Wall paintings were done mostly in the classical and hellenistic periods.10. The greeks used a technique called black and red figures on pottery.11. A figure was painted black, or they painted black around the figure, then they would scratch off the black paintto add detail or paint it in a different colour12. The Greeks started using gold and gems in jewelry in 1600 B.C.

By Hannah Lawrence

Greek Art History

Dionysos in a Sailboat. Made in 550-521 B.C. in the archainc period.

Parthons in Athens,Greece. Built in 438 B.C. in the Classical style

This sculpture is a full body of the Athena Parthenos (virgin), Goddess of Wisdom. This sculpture is 41’ 10” and is made of an aluminum armature and concrete. Athena is white and gold and seems to be holding an angel and a shield. I believe she is holding the shield to protect her virginity while teaching the angel because she is the Goddess of wisdom. I really like this piece. She is very beautiful and nicely made. The only thing I don’t really like is her eyes that look a little buggy and crazy.


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