Greek and Roman Architecture

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Greek and Roman Architecture

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Arch of Constantine

The Colosseum

What are the meanings of Greek & Roman Architecture?

- Largest temple in Greece. - Has been a ruin since it was built.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus- - Dedicated to Zeus, king of olympian gods.

Greek and Roman ArchitectureMcKenzie StoneWorld History I

The Parthenon- - One of the most famous buildings in the world. - Built to give thanks to Athena. - It was the most important temple of ancient Greek for thousands of years. The Colosseum- - Used for politicians and gladiators to make their way up a social ladder. - It was a standpoint for the emperor to promote himself and be accessible to people. - It is the most complex and largest amphitheatre in the ancient world.The Arch of Constantine- - Rome's best conserved arch. - Built to celebrate Constantine's win in the Battle over Maxentius. - Most important design is the Constantine Frieze- symbolizes the battle of Maxentius.

The Parthenon

1.) The Parthenon: 447 B.C

4.) The Temple of Olympian Zeus: 515 B.C

3.) The Arch of Constantine: 315 A.D

2.) The Colosseum: 70 A.D


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