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Jimmy Gian:

€1 ≈ $1.1$1 ≈ €0.9

€ is a Euro, the official currencyof Greece.

Greece Currency:


11 million

204 per km

Population Density:

Jimmy Gian is a pop singer that was born in Athens Greece where he learned to play piano at age 5. Later in life Jimmy went to study at the Music University of Athens. Later on in life, he met his band mates, Aris and Vangelis through the group, Playmen. Their band, Boys and Noise signed a record deal with Pankik Records that same year in September.

Topographical Map

Political Map


Greece is a Mediterranean country east of Italy and south of Germany. It's located on the Balkin Peninsula and shares an eastern border with Turkey (Asia).

1- In Greece, structures such as doors, windows, furniture, and church domes are painted blue because it is believed to keep bad luck away. This is particularly common in the Cyclades Islands. 2- Ancient Greeks are often known as the inventors of math. They were the first ones to make it a real activity.

Fun Facts:

Greece is primarily a democratic country. Democracy: A government in which the citizens make political decisions, either directly or through elected representatives.


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