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Social Studies

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Government & Curent leader*Parliamentary republic*Prokopis Pavlopous


Size & Population* 11.1 million people*131, 940 square kiliometers 50,942 square miles

LocationSoutheastern corner of Europe on the Southern part of Balkan Penisula

Language & Ethnicity*Greek*Macedonia*TurkishMain Religions*Greek Orthodox*Muslim

ClimateMild and rainy winters, retatively warm and dry summers and ,generallly,extended periods of sunshine.Physical GeographyMostly moutains with ranges extending into the sea as penisulas or chains of islands

Euro1.08 Us dollars

Exports*food and drinks*manufactured goods*petroleum products*chemicals*textilesImports*machinery*transportation*equimpment fuels*chemicalsEconomy*shippingtuorism*manufacturing*agriculter

EducationEvery child in Greece gets free public education and must spen 9 years in school

MusicTurkish,Balkan, and Italian Music. One of the main types of traditional music is Rebetiko.These songs are accompaoned by plucked string instruments most populary the Bousoki

Major Cities*Athens*Thessaloniki*PiraeusTourist Attractions*Santorini*Delphi*Monolitos castle

SportsOne of Greeces most popular sports is socore

Historical factsOnly wealthy men could enjoy the culthral life, such as going to the theater while women looked after the home and children. Boy would go to the school at 7 years old but girls would be expected to help around the house.

HolidayThe most celebrated holiday is Independenst day


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