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GreeceJeeyun Chang (G9)Geography

Social Organization(Family life)-family values are strong-children live with their parents for most of their lives-patriarchy

Art&Literature-Ancient Greece influenced the world-Greek mythology-Aesop's fables-Parthenon

Customs&Traditions-modern clothing-many wear black-friendly-children do not-celebrate birthdaysThey celebrate 'name days'-live in modern houses

Language-Greek-literacy:96%-Indo-European-own alphabet

Customs&Traditions-enjoys hiking, skiing, water sports-celebrates Easter-respect for age and position-food: avgolimono, moussaka, baklava, olives, seafoods-eat dinner very late

Religion-Greek Orthodx (98%)-influences education-Muslim, Jewish, Roman Catholic

Government-Parliamentary republic-Part of EU since 1981

Economy-Capital-tourism, food and tobacco processing, textiles, metal products, mining, petroleum, wine-wheat, corn, barley, olives, tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes, dairy

Economy-currency:euro-a lot of olive-grape, wine, figs, cotton-great income: tourism

OthersHellenic Republicurbanites:60%largest coastline in Europe200 islands inhabited out of 20004/5 covered with mts.Athenspopulation:10 millionconsume a lot of olive oil


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