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Social Studies

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One euro is approximately $1.06.

One holiday that is very popular in Greece is Greek Easter. The Thursday before Greek Easter, Greeks make Tsourki (Greek Easter bread) and they dye eggs red, to symbolize the blood of Christ.

One Christmas tradition they have in Greece is on Christmas Eve childrengo out singing ''kalanda'' (carols) throughout the streets.

Voting is required in Greece for citizens who are over 18 years of age

Greece doesn't have any navigable rivers because of its mountainous terrain

Greece has approximately 2,000 islands which each have the population of around 170 people

Animal: DolphinBird: PhoenixFlower: Laurent BranchPopulation: About 11 millionCapital: Athens

Greece's major exports are foods, fabrics, and beverages.

Giant Noctule

The first olympics was held in Athens, Greece.


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