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Social Studies

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LanguageThe most-used language of Greece is Greek. It has been used for more than 3,000 years, and has 24 letters in its alphebet, but is different than the Latin alphebet.Most towns in Greece use Greek, English, and French.

TraditionsSome well known traditions passed down from generation to generation, is the Greek Myths. Some are Jason and the Argonaughts, Hercules, and Odysseus. Another tradition that soon became world-wide was the Olympics which were first hosted in Olympia in 776 BC. And finally one tradition that came from a battle in small town in Greece, was the marathon. A messenger was sent to the Athenian army to tell them that they had won. The messenger ran 26.2 miles to tell, and after he did, he died.

ReligionThe Greek Orthodox religion is the religion most of the people are a part of. Most young people don't go to church as much as the adults and the elderly. 98% of the country is Greek Orthodox, 1.3% is muslim, and 0.7% is other.

FoodSome examples of food made in Greece is avgolemono, which is egg lemon soup, moussaka, which is lamb-egg plant casserole, and arni souvlakia, which is lamb on skewers. Avgolemono Ingredients:chicken, uncooked rice, eggs, lemon juice, and salt.Muussaka Ingredients:eggplants, olive oil, onion, garlic, lamb or beef, parika, salt, cinnamon, plain yogurt, eggyolks, and flour.Arni Souvlakia Ingredients:olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, lamb or beef, and lemon wedges.

Greece's flag

HolidaysOne of the most important holidays in Greece's culture is Easter. Sort of a mix of Thanksgiving, High Holidays, and Church services, the Greeks celebrate Eatser with church services, feasts, and parades. Another important holiday similar to New Year's Eve and Christmas mixed together, is St. Basil's Day. St. Basil is similar to Santa Clause, but not the same. It is celebrated on January 1 to celebrate the begining of a new year. One tradition they do on this holidays is vasilopitta. Vasilopitta is a cake with a coin in it, similar to dead bread. Who ever gets the piece with the coin in it, gets good luck for the rest of the year. Other holidays are Independence Day (Mar. 25) and Ochi Day (Oct. 28)


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