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The two major industries of Greece would be tourism and shipping.

The dominant language in Greece is the language Greek. About 99% percent of Greece speaks Greek. The other 1% probably speaks English.

Major Languages

Athens - 789,000Thessaloniki - 385,000Heraklion - 135,000


An internal, economic conflict of Greece would be that it is currently facing a public deficit of 13.6% and is in debt of €300bn.

Greece in in a Stage 3 of the Demographic Transition Model andis going through moderate growth

Major Religions

The major religion of Greece is Eastern Orthodox. Although being very predominant, other religions you may find in Greece would be: Cathlolocism and Hellenic Paganism.


Folk Culture

The two major imports of Greece would be crude petroleum and refined petroleum.*The two major exports of Greece would be refined petroleum and packaged mendicants.*The two major trading partners of Greece are Italy and Germany.

The Parthenon (top) is the former temple of Greece. It is one of the many temples on the Acroplois.The Parthenon was dedicated the goddess, Athena.*The Acropolis (bottom) is a building complex comprised of multiple temples.

A common food taboo of Greece is that meat and seafood should NOT be mixed together. Or no lemon should be put on fried fish.*Greece is influenced by popularculture but rarely effected. EvenThough they are influenced, theytry to maintain their culture.

Influence of Popular Culture

From what I researched,there are only 2 Mcdonald's in all of Athens.


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