Greece Project,(Directions),World & Ancient History

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Greece Project,(Directions),World & Ancient History

Students will be broken into 8 groups. Each group will take on the sections below and create a short presentation plus a glog for the class. In the presentation you must teach the class about your topic and the glog should inform and entertain readers with text and images. Each member of the group must speak and take part in the presentation.1. Greek Mythology- p1552.Greek Poetry & Fables – p1573.Greek Drama – p1604.Greek Art & Architecture – p1625.Greek Philosophers & Historians – p1696. Alexander the Great Builds an Empire – p1767. Greek Culture Spreads – p1838. Greek Philosophy, Science & Math – p185


Creat Glog About:Ancient Greece

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1) Break in to 8 groups:611- 5 groups of 3, 3 groups of 2612- 4 groups of 3, 3 groups of 2 2) Come see me- I'll give you a topic3) Complete your research- take notes on the information you want to include 4) Create your first GLOG!



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