[2014] Morgan Macdonald (6th Science 14-15): Greece

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[2014] Morgan Macdonald (6th Science 14-15): Greece

Greece's goverment is a Parliamentary Republic. Every five years, the Parliment elects a President who is then the is Head of State. The head of the goverment is the Prime Minister. The Ministerial Council, which consists of the Prime Minister, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Ministers without portfolio, is the decision-making body that creates the Government of Greece.


Map of Greece

In the Greek flag, there are nine stripes and those represent the syllables in "Eleutheria H Thanos," meaning "Freedom or Death!"The cross represents the Greek Orthodox church (the main religion of Greece).

The main language in Greece is Greek which looks like this:(Hello in Greek) γειά σου

Also, in the Greek flag, the blue represents the sea, which is very important to Greece's economy. The white represents the waves of the ocean.

By: Morgan Macdonald

The Greek flag

MAJOR CITIES in GREECE1: Athens (Capital)2: Thessaloniki3: Patras4: Heraklion5: Larissa

The currency in Greece is the Euro. Today, 1 Euro is valued at 1.35933 USD, but that number changes with world economic changes.

There are also many other foods, like Greek salad, octopus, pita, and manstra (a type of pasta that is cut like large grains of rice). Because Greece has a Mediterranean climate, many of its common foods contain greens and are very fresh.

This is a Greek gyro

Most people know that the Olympics originated in Greece, and everyone knows that that's a pretty important worldwide tradition. There are definitely more sports in Greece though, and they play many water sports. They also play "football" (soccer), tennis, and Wrestling.

Greece has numerous caves, lakes, mountains and rivers. The deepest cave is Gourgouthakas, and it measures 1,208 (m) deep. It is one of the 30 deepest caves in the world. The largest lake in Greece is Lake Trichonis, which measures 95,840 (km2 area). Mount Olympos is the tallest mountain in Greece, and it measures 2,904 (m) tall. The longest river in Greece is Aliakmon and it measures 279 (km) long.

Volvi ~ Macedonia ~ 70,353Vegoritis ~ Macedonia ~ 54,311Bistonis ~ Thraki ~ 45,030Smolikas ~ Macedonia ~ 2.631Grammos ~ Macedonia ~ 2.521Voras ~ Macedonia ~ 2.519 Acheloos ~ 220Pinios (Thessalia) ~ 205Evros ~ 204


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