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Social Studies

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The country is mostly mountainous but with green plains, as well. Rivers flow across the country which has a large number of islands with beautiful beaches.

Greece is in the Balkan peninsula. It's between Italy and Turkey. The Aegean sea separates it from Turkey in the East and the Ionian sea from Italy in the West. Greece shares borders with Albania, F.Y.R.O.M., Bulgaria and Turkey in the North.


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The Greek people are hospitable, friendly and good hearted. They enjoy every day of their life as it is their last one.

I think it's exciting to live in Greece because it opens its doors to everyone.Everybody should visit Greece, go sightseeing, enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean food and become aware of its big history and culture.

The weather is cold and sometimes snowy in winter. The temperature rarely drops below zero,though. However it is warm in summer time,so we spend our summer vacations by the sea.


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