Greece 1946

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Greece 1946

Greece 1946

Banking SystemThe banking system collapsed in 1946. The war had taken a toll on them along with other factors such as:-The British naval Blockade-Hyperinflation-No consumer revenueAll of these things caused many things such as:-Citizens selling their farms and houses to feed themselves.-No jobs to give- Famine because of no money and food.

Security & DefenseAfter WWII Greece was divided. There were two different armies: the Hellenic Army (U.S., U.K., U.K.G) and the Democratic Army of Greece(Communistic countries). The effects having having a weak security and defense system:-Dangerous for a civillians- Guerillas formed- Many families lost business due to riots- No sense of security- Counrty gets divided into sections-Civil War

History776 BC- First Olympic Games750 BC- Early Greek Culture. Homer writes the Iliad and the Odyssey750 BC-500 BC- cities called “polis” are established (each have their own monetary system as well as government and dialect)490 BC- Greeks defeat Persian invasion at the battle of Marathon.450 BC- Athens rises to power and controls the empire.440s BC- Greek Theater thrives in Athens. Many famous Greek plays are written.432 BC- Parthenon in Athens is finished being built.431 BC- 404 BC- War between Athens and Sparta. Sparta wins.146 BC- Romans conquer Greece. End of Greek Empire.455 AD- End of Roman Empire.1896 AD- Modern Olympic games begin.

Food/AgricultureDuring World War II the Great Famine occurred. The allied powers blockaded Greece and many local citizens starved. This along with only ⅓ of Greece’s land being abled to be cultivated greatly hurt the Greek economy.Effects include:-Black Market arose-Inflation in food prices-Malnourishment in ⅔ of children-Around 60% of large farm animals for killed


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