Greatest Organelle.

by mitmwende
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Cell Biology

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Greatest Organelle.

Leader:The Vacuole would fit at greatest as head of the cell..without it the cell wouldn't survive. All organelles would benefit from the Vacuole. It is supportive, powerful and caring in numerous of ways. Everything that is needed will be guaranteed if you vote it as the leader.

The most important organelle: The Vacuole!

Plants are capable of standing straight and firm all thanks to the vacuoles. They control the water pressure in the cells. Without this great pressure, plants would become unhealthy, appear limpy and reproduction would decrease leading to even extincton of the type of plant.

Some plant cell vacuoles have pigments that give flowers their colour which help attract bees and more pollinators. Without the bright colour there wouldn't be pollination going on and that would decrease plant reproduction. This will eventually result in disruption in the food chain on which all life relies on.


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