Great White Sharks

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Great White Sharks

Young Great White's eat Leopord Sharks.

Great White SharksBy: Kevin Downing

A Great White breeds later in life mostly in there 20's.

People kill these innocent creatures every day."Innocent"you say.Yeah there innocent by killing other fish. Thats part of the food chain.

More than 70 percent of known victims Great White attacks survive because the shark realizes it has made a mistake.

In one year a Great White eats 11 tons of food.It also has few predators in the ocean.

The Great White Shark lives along the coast of all the contnets except Anartica.

The Great White has a enormous liver that can weigh up to 24% of it's entire weight.

Some scientist believe there are only 10,000 Great Whites today.

10 facts about Great White Sharks.Published on October 17, 2013.Youtube.web.Wednesday January 7th 2015.