Great white shark

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Great white shark

Great White Sharks1. The great white shark can grow to be up to 15-20 ft long and can top the weight of 5,000lbs.2. Great white sharks population is decreasing they are now considered an endangered species because they get caught in fishing nets or are caught and killed by sport fishermen.3. Great white sharks are mostly seen near the coasts of Australia, South Africa, California and Eastern United States because they like the warm temperatures.4. Out of 100 shark attacks worldwide one third to one half are because of great white sharks but a lot of the attacks are very unlikley to be fatal.5.Did you know one drop of blood can attract a shark from up to 3 miles away.6.The female great white shark gives birth to 2-10 pups that top the height of 5ft in length.7. Great white sharks mouths are lined with blade like teeth that add up to 300 teeth.


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Great White Sharks

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