Great White Shark

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Great White Shark

Here are some facts we learned:Great Whites live in every ocean in the world.When they loose a tooth , another one replaces it. All sharks are meat eaters.

Great White Shark

They have 50 rows of teeth!


Questions we had about Great White Sharks1.How big are great white sharks teeth?2.What does a great white shark eat?3.What does a great white shark do?4.Why do great white sharks jump a lot?5.Where do they live?6.How big are they?7.What do baby great white sharks look like?8.Why do great white sharks have gills?9.Is the magalodan shark bigger than the great white shark?

Great White sharks eat squid and seals.

Sharks are always swimming, even when they are alseep! Great white shark babies are blue and grey. They do not have sharp teeth at first.


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