Great wall of China

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Great wall of China


The wall is also Named, Ching Chong by the chinese which means long wall but the wall never succeded in defending china. Now it is falling apart in to rubble or the its mist. Its now considered a modern marvel to people all over the world and there are still parts of the wall we haven't discovered yet.

It was built over 2,000 years! It was made mostly of rammed earth, stones, and wood. but after many invasions they started using bricks, tiles, stone, and lime. It took over 35,000 miles! Its named the longest grave in the world because over 300,000 workers died in the process of making the wall


Ancient China has built many walls walls over many Dynasties but emperor Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty buillt the Strongest and the most walls of all the Dynasty. The chinese built the wall in order to protect china from invaders from the north (mongols). Each dynasty built on to the wall for better protection.


Great Wall of China

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