Great Wall of China

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Great Wall of China

-The Great Wall was built of stone, wood, grass, & dirt.- The bricks were transported by men, donkeys, horses, & even goats.- Some parts are eroding because they were built of mud and other parts because of vandalism and sandstorms.

Parts of the Great Wall are open to tourists. If you want to plan a trip or take a virtual tour of the wall click the picture to navigate to that website.

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The Great Wall is made up of four walls built under different time periods. The Qin Dynasty built in 208 BC. The Han Dynasty built during 1st century BC. The five dynasties built during 1138 - 1198. Hongwu Emperor until Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty built the rest of the wall from 1368 - 1620.

- It is the longest human made structure.- It is estimated 2 - 3 million Chinese people died building the wall.- Some sections of the wall are being preserved and reconstructed.

The Great Wall of China

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