Great Union Generals

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Great Union Generals

Great Union Generals

Ulysses S. Grant He fought in the Mexican-American war. He dropped out after the war and re-joined when the Civil-War started. He quickly became a general. Grant lead the Union to many important victories at places such as Vicksburg and Shiloh. In March of 1864 he became the lieutenant general, so he was in charge of every army the Union had. When Robert E. Lee surrendered, Grant was the one to accept it Appomattox Court house in Virginia on April 9. They knew each other so that`s why they met.

William Sherman He is mostly known for his "march to sea" across Georgia in 1864. After the war , in 1869 to 1883 he became a commanding general in the United States Army. He was a colonel in the First Battle of Bull Run and after was promoted to brigadier general. Sherman was commanded und Uyless S. Grant at Vicksburg and Shiloh. On his "march to sea" he captured Atlanta

General BurnsideWhen the Civil War began he became a colonel of a Rhode Island vunteer regiment. He commanded the brigade at the first battle of Bull Run. Then he became a major general. He commanded a corp of the Army of the Potomac at Antinem. He passed George Mclellan as commander. He was defeated at Fredricksburgh and was relieved of duty

George MeadeWhen the Civil War began, he became a brigadier general of volunteers from Pennsylvania. Beginning in 1862 he fought a lot of the most important battles in the East, like Bull Run, Antietam, Fredricksburg, and Chancellorsville. He became a general of volunteers after Antietam and a corps commmander after Fredricksburg. His most memorable achievement was him leading the Union to victory at Gettysburg in 1863.

Fun FactGeorge McClellan was a major general and commander. He was very successful except his Peninsula Campaign ended in failure when he was forced to retreat from Robert E. Lee`s smaller army of Northern Virginia. He later blamed his failure on Lincoln and the Unon. The Democratic Party selected him for their presidential campaign canidate in 1864. He, not suprisingly, lost the vote to Lincoln. He is one of the most hated Union generals of all time because of this.


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