Great Plains

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Great Plains

Great PlainsStates found in this region are: North Dakota, South Dakota, most of Nebraska and Kansas, Oklahoma, Part of Texas, most of Montana, part of Colorado, Wyoming, and Ohio

The Great Plains region is shaded in yellow on the map.

The Great Plains is known for its large grasslands as well as having rich,fertile soil.A lot of wheat, rye, and oats are grown here because of the climate.Many animals are found in this region. They include: bison, prairie dogs, coyotes, fox, pronghorn, deer, and many others.

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National MonumentMount Rushmore, S.D.

HistoryGreat Plains Native AmericansThere are over native american tribes in the Great Plains region.

Natural Resources

Many (around 30) Native American tribes used to be found in this region. They were referenced by their location, either Nothern tribes or Southern tribes. Most tribes were nomadic meaning they moved their living spaces to follow food sources and climate.The buffalo, which was a big part of what they hunted, did not go to waste. They tried to use every part of the buffalo from the hide all the way to its stomach.

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The Mt. Rushmore Monument includes Presidents : Washington, Jefferson, Thedore Roosevelt, and Lincoln.Almost 3 million people visit Mt. Rushmore each year.Gutzon Borglum was the main sculptor on this project until he passed away. Then his son, Lincoln, lead the project until it was finished.


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