Great Plains

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Great Plains

Great PlainsBy Masaki

Great Plain

Geography This region extended from Rocky mountains to the Mississippi river valley and from Canada to Taxes from north to south

ClimateThe Great Plain region has cold winters and hot summer.

Natural ResoucesThere was grass and animals. The buffalo was most important animal for tribe to survive in Great Plain.

Life styleThe Sioux and Cheyeene Native American's lifestyle was men hunted animals and women made clothes. The Sioux people spoke Siouan languages.

Shelter (Sioux)Sioux Native American made houses from buffalo skin called tepee. Tepee is house that made from buffalo's hides. They used 25 buffalo skin for the outside of lodge.

Shelter (Cheyeene)Cheyeene's house consisted of wood frame covered with sod. When their Cheyeene changed lifestyle to nomadic , they made tepees.

Clothing The Sioux and Cheyeene Native American made clothes from buffalo skin.

Art (SiouxSioux Native American's children made own dolls. Sioux used dyed porcupin quills to make beads.

FoodThe Sioux and Cheyeene Native American hunted buffaloes and they ate buffalo meat. Cheyeene women farmed. They ate corn , squash and beans from their farm.

Art (Cheyeene)Cheyeene Native American men made their shield from hides. (buffalo or deer)and decolated them. The women beaded women's mocassins.



TribesCheyenne, Pawnee, Comanches and Sioux settled there.

Interesting Facts(Sioux)The Sioux Native American had many hand signals like ‘’buffalo’’. The Sioux’s leader had red feathers.

Religion(sioux)Sioux and Cheyenne Native American believed everything had a spirit.





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