Great myths in art

by 1992Sasha
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Great myths in art

Look at the drawing by Paul Klee & give it a name of your own.

Listen to an art teacher & say what the four elements of art are.

Paul Klee (1879-1940)

Listen to the lecture & draw a line story.

Great myths in art


Which one appeals to you more & why?

M. Escher, 1928

Look at the pictures of the Tower Babel done by different artists.

P. Brueghel, 1563

Listen to the extract from Paradise Lost (1667) by John Milton

G. Dor “Confusion of Tongues”, 2005

Listen & tick the phrases the speaker uses to describe his impressions & interpret the pictures.

This looks like...

It reminds me of..

So you get this strong sense of..

And that struck me in the picture...

There is none of...

Watch, listen & enjoy!


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