Great Missionary

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Great Missionary

GREAT Missionary

Introduction: Do you want to be the first, person to built the first, mission?Well I am going to tell you all about the first, person who built the first, mission. The first, paragraph is Life growing up. The second, paragraph about the first, mission. The last, paragraph is Colinizing California.

Life Growing Up: Do you now that Father Serra was born in Miguel Joseph in Petra Spain in November 24 1713. He decited to be a Francican preist in the cathlic church. He was ordaired a Fracican preist in 1738 Junipere. In 1749 he was studingat collage in San Fernando.


Colinizing California: In 1768, they Colinized. Father Serra wanted to be the Father and a missionary. After, a three month up north. Father Serra made a mission. To teach California indians Cathlic. The first three missions were San Diego, San Antonio and San Francisco.

First Mission: He did the first, Mission in San Diego de itlcala. He found it in California he did it in july 16 1769. His challange was to protect the Missions from Russa and british settllers.


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