Great Gatsby

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Great Gatsby

Author:F. Scott Fitzgerald


SYMBOLAn object from the story that has signicficant meaning to the story is green.i know that symbol represents money.For example, in the scene where Daisy is crying because she didnt know Gatsby has alot of money and at first that is why she didnt marry him.

CLAIMI believe that the American Dream is if you work hard you will get what you always dream ofIn The Great Gatsby, F. Scott fitzgerald uses his dramatic love story to prove that the American Dream is possible.

CHARACTERA character from the story that also proves Fitzgerald's point is he is sometimes in the scene and sometimes not.This character is Nick Carraway.For example,in the scene he is narrating what is happening.This proves Fitzgerald believes the American Dream is possiable because Gatsby got to spend time with daisy without tom knowing and he got to see her again.

THEMEFinally, a major theme from the story is love is forever.This Theme is addressed when Gatsby sees Daisy again and they are still inlove.Fitzgerald's opinion of love proves the American Dream is possiable because Gatsby and Daisy are still inlove after all those years.

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