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Great Fun

Characteristics of Blue whale - Mammals have evolved specialized traits. Most mammals are placental. They are warm blooded and they have hair. Blue whales have been living on Earth since the the Eocene period. That is about 53-54 million years ago. The Blue whale's ancestors lived on land. They are called anthracotheres. Blue whales are massive giants roaming out in the sea. There are 25,000 Blue whales living on Earth in 2018. Blue whales are the largest mammals to live to live on Earth so far.

Blue whales- The Blue whale is the largest  animal living on Earth.Blue whales can grow up to 100 feet long. Blue whales can live for 80 to 110 years. Blue whales are enormous animals. A baby whale can be 1 ton. The baby Blue whale can be as long as 23 feet long. A fully grown Blue whale can be 200 tons. Their tongue can weigh as much as an elephant. Their heart can weigh as much as an automobile. The Blue whale has hair near the rostrum. Head of the Blue whale- It has a big head. The brain of a Blue whale is a also a very good sized. The Blue whale do not have the largest brain on Earth.It is sperm whale

Diet of a Blue whale- Blue whale predominantly feed on krill,copepods,Megany.These animals consume 40 million krill everyday. Blue whales dive 330 feet down to the bottom of the ocean. They can be submerged in there for 30 minutes.

Habitat of a Blue whale- Blue whales are in the Eastern Pacificranging from the coast of Alaska to Costa Rica Dome. The Costa Rica Dome provides a year round home. Blue whales live in the ocean. There is a lot of Blue whales now.

Other facts about the Blue whale-There are a lot of Blue whales. The gestation period is about 10 to 12 months. Blue whale offspring are fed with their mother's milk. They take milk until they are about six months.The mother will only take care of 1 calf. The Blue whale does not lay eggs. Blue whales are very gentle sometimes.



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